The Indian Subcontinent analogy

This post got me thinking why do companies in Australia ask for Local experience from immigrants joining the work force. Its a vicious circle as You don’t get jobs as you dont have local experience and you won’t get local experience till someone gives you your first job. In this deal, the immigrant is exploited.


My current workplace is full of immigrants. I’m glad the company gives people a chance if you’re a good Developer. Whatever be their strategy, people will be thankful to them for giving them their first job in Australia.

The place that I sit at my workplace currently is analogous to the Indian subcontinent. India(me) bordering Bangladesh(Mr Muyen) and China(Mr Li) on the sides and Pakistan(Mr Khan) across the border. Then there’s Sri Lanka(Mrs Fernando) separated by a passage and there’s one seat occupied by French (Mr Manuel) territory of Puducherry.

Only difference being, we do not fight among ourselves like our neighboring countries but help each other to get work done quicker. Oh! and no one asks for local experience either 😉

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