El Clásico 2017

The Messiah’s stoppage time goal gave Barcelona a 3-2 victory over their great rivals Real Madrid in the last El Clásico of this season. I missed watching the match live (It was being aired live at 4:00 AM Sydney time and am not that young anymore).

The news will have great reviews about Rakitic and Messi understandably. But I’d like to point out a few small and subtle but important movements by Luis Suarez during the match.

I’ve always loved Luis Suarez as a footballer. He is street smart and unpredictable like most skillful South American Footballers. He’s got an eye for goal and a nasty streak which, In my opinion makes him such a superb Center forward.

Look at following these 3 moments during the match. He did not touch the ball or assist during the goals, but his movement and presence of mind in a way helped Messi score those goals.

  1. Suarez looks like he’s gonna take the ball into the penalty area, but dummies it and lets it roll for Messi, who weaves past Modric, Carvajal and slots it with precision past Keylor Navas. Suarez’s dummy distracts Nacho, who would have probably had more time to lunge at Messi, just before he scores the goal.Suarez_MessiFirstGoal
  2. During this free kick for Barcelona, Suarez is nowhere near the ball, but he looks behind to see Keylor Navas trying to punch the ball away, Stretches his elbow, falls on him and does enough to distract Navas. Navas misses the ball and Messi almost scores with the loose ball at his feet.Suarez_DistractingGoalKeeper.jpg
  3. In the 92nd minute, Jordi Alba sends in a low cut back towards the penalty area, for someone to fire in the goal, Suarez is with his back to the goal, but he notices Messi darting towards the loose ball and makes sure that Nacho is blocked so that Messi has a clear path to shoot at the goal. If he hadn’t done that, maybe Nacho would have stuck his leg out and blocked Messi’s shot.Suarez_DistractingNacho

I have been wanting to write about Suarez for a while now. Will post something soon.


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