Visca Barca

Words cannot describe Barcelona’s come from behind victory against PSG in the Champions league. It was a truly memorable comeback. Unprecedented in the history of the Champions league. Overturning a 4-0 deficit in the return leg without any away goals is a lost cause. But if any team could have done it, it was Barcelona! Up stepped Neymar, rolled up his sleeves and got the job done in the last few minutes.

I was following the game from a shitty live feed on my phone on my way to work and was fist pumping the first 3 goals. But then Cavani scored and I switched off my feed and started listening to John Petrucci’s Glasgow Kiss. The tune for some reason makes me feel upbeat, so I turned on Goal’s commentary hoping for a miracle and this is what I saw.


Tried switching on the live feed on my phone and by the time it buffered and played, Sergi Roberto has scored the winning goal!

Look at the reactions from Gary Linekar and the BT sports commentary team!

While watching the highlights, it was so obvious from the Barcelona players faces that they actually believed that they could get through this. Look at how charged Suarez was after the first goal. Ditto with Messi after the 3rd goal. One could argue that Suarez cheated for the fifth goal. But marquinhos had not business touching Suarez in the penalty area. Suarez is a street smart and wants to win at any cost. Marquinhos should have seen that coming.

I like Thiago Silva but as a leader he has always been lacking. First saw him chickening out during the world cup in Brazil during the penalty shootout against Colombia. Then I suspect he got himself booked out of the semis which Brazil went on to lose in embarrassing fashion. And again at Camp Nou last night, he went missing. Neymar, on the other hand, has always stepped up in big matches and is the right man to lead Brazil.

I leave you with some highlights. This one is for the ages!



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