Tennis With Nadal…

… Not really. I played with another Spaniard Jose and I kicked his ass.

After that 1st day playing tennis where I tried to serve like Goran but ended up serving like Raina hitting a pull shot straight back to long on, I played singles with Jose from my workplace. He is 10 years younger to me and claimed to have played tennis quite a bit. I beat him 6-1. The set he won had 3 deuce points.

After winning the first game where he almost broke my serve, I had an “Eureka” moment. I was lobbing the ball in front of my body and trying to hit it hard and it invariably landed up in the net. The secret to get my 1st serve in was that you just have to lob the ball exactly over your head and connect from there. After this little change, Most of my first serves went in and at decent pace.

I came back home and tried to search for an explanation for my Eureka moment. This video describes the exact change I made. The grip part described, was not a change I had to make because that is how I hold the racquet while playing badminton.

Felt GOOOD! 😀


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