Defensive Midfielder

I’ve always harbored a dream of being a football coach. I think I read the game well and I would be a good coach. 😉

While reading this piece on Antonio Conte, these words caught my attention.

This partly explains why Conte favours grafters ahead of wizards. If the players follow instructions, Conte believes the automatic movements will produce chances. This is similar to Van Gaal, who favours a slow but formulaic model in which creativity is not provided by individuals, but the system. The scope for self-expression is narrow. The same is true of Rafa BenĂ­tez, a Sacchi disciple, whose trainings feature comparable rehearsals. Incidentally, Conte, Van Gaal and BenĂ­tez were all defensive midfielders who were neither quick nor particularly skilful.

These words made me curious to know what positions most of the current crop of good football coaches played in during their playing days. Turns out most of them either played as central defenders of defensive midfielders. (My favorite playing position, of course). Marcelo Bielsa, Jorge Sampaoli, Claudio Ranieri, Diego Simeone, Mauricio Pochettino, Jose Mourinho, Carlo Ancelotti and Pep Guardiola. All of them.

I think the money flowing in the sport in India will change the fate of the game in India and I see the Indian team playing and competing well in the world cup in the next 20 years. And, I will be part of this change once I’m done accumulating material pleasures. I will earn a coaching badge and start coaching some team 😉


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