A nested ToDo list

You know you’re really busy when your ToDo List has an item to complete your Todo list.

In other words, the family is here.

My Baby doesn’t remember I’m her dad and calls me Uncle! Nevertheless, I am super happy that Wife and baby are here! No parents here means, we both have to do everything from grocery shopping to house cleaning. Australia and Sydney in particular is damn expensive. It is not like India where you could hire domestic help.


Am finding it difficult to study for interviews and help with the house work because I’m not used to it.

I’ve planning to implement some on some life/productivity hacks in order to get the most out of my day, details of which I will post in another elaborate blog post. One of the life hacks is to do one creative thing or create something every day . A blog post or on my tech blog should help. Brace yourself for some gyaan in the next few months.


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