First Impressions

Two weeks at the new place and If I were to describe how it is, the word would be “Different”. for e.g.

1. The Interview process – Where I was asked to come in from 8am-5pm and solve three coding problems. Not too difficult if you’re from a computer science background Which I do not have. But, Coding the solutions for those three problems gave me a lot of confidence. I solved them all by myself (I almost always give up and start looking up for solutions on). If i were to describe my approach to solving the problems, It would be like wrapping your hand around your head and trying to pick your nose. But the important thing was I broke down the solution into smaller pieces and finally got the desired results. Not the best solution but a working solution nonetheless. Then I got called for another interview which went well and I was In.

2. The CEO used to repair AC/DC’s guitars for a living back in the day. Started writing code for a logistics company and now has this!

3. The people I see around are mostly immigrants(I suspect they get to hire immigrants for less pay and because they’re willing to put in the extra mile at work). A good mix of all nationalities. There’s a group of Senior technology people who have been here for a long time(also mostly Immigrants). This, btw, is a great read on why Immigrants are good.

4. You can wear pretty much anything to work unless it not a thong(on the foot, i mean 😉 ). I’ve seen people coming to work in cyclist gear, Expensive riding jackets and helmets. The guy sitting next to me has completed a full marathon this year, a 108 km cycle ride and is aiming to go to mount Kilimanjaro soon. He looks to be 40+. I hope I maintain that level of enthusiasm when I’m that age. I’ve seen a BMW R1200GS, Suzuki RMX450Z, Yamaha R1, BMW K1300S and a Ducati Diavel in the parking lot. You know what that means right? Hint… It sounds like Karnal and is applied to burns.

5. I get to be in different teams for the initial 6 months on 2 months rotatations. They want new people to learn their products and the way of working on the job instead of lousy one time trainings. They use channels and work items to streamline the development process. The emphasis is to be innovative and build the best products. There should be no shortcuts used, go to the root of the problem and fix the cause of any issue rather than any bandage solutions (or “Thukpatti” as my friend Pulyumputta puts it). I wonder what methodology of software development this is based on. Maybe something they picked up from Supply chain, TOC.

6. Its a flat structure. There’s no hierarchy. Many of the Delivery Managers(Sorta like Scrum masters) look like non-tech people based on their linkedin profiles. I wonder how that works.

7. There’s breakfast everyday (you prepare it) and a fully stocked kitchen.

8. There’s Beer, Pizza, Pies and lots of munchies every Friday evening to kick back and relax. The CEO joins you for drinks and talks to anyone who wants to talk to him.

The pay is less(IMO). The tech stack is all Microsoft (Strange for a startup, I know!). But, Its a fun place to work. The Company has highly motivated people working for them trying to build the best products and I am sure that we will do well.

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