I’ve always wanted to live outside of India on my own and have explored moving to Madrid (Got a job, but no visa), Ireland (Failed the Interview), Germany (Failed the IKM test), USA (Fooled by the company who claimed to have filed my H1 visa), HongKong (Cost cutting in the last project, meant that such ideas were dismissed).

After a lot of deliberation and reasoning, I decided that I will let go of all such dependencies and apply for a PR or Work Visa on my own. The options that I knew of were Canada and Australia.


Pros – Beautiful, Close to America and can work in America.

Cons – No one I know is in Canada, The weather can be dark and depressing at times.


Pros – Beautiful. Brother in Law is a citizen. Great Weather. Many jobs and free from land boundaries and wars (and terrorism).

Cons – Expensive.

Decided to get an Australian PR visa done. Took over a year of anxious waits for exams results and Visa grant letter notifications. But here I am, In Sydney. Almost 2 years after getting started with the process.

This is from my first weekend. A visit to Bondi beach.


(Will post details of the process and my journey to get an Australian PR in another post)



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